Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fair Trade Fortnight - Day three....


Here's a few of my favourite items on the site, they're all well priced and fair trade! yay!

Scarf; £14

£9 for the 2 - so cute, perfect for children or for those days when we don't want to grow up. 

I love these. Absolute love. £7 for the two. Buy me them... please?

£90 for 12 bottles. That's about £7.50 a bottle, which is a really good deal, especially as it's fair trade.

Wall hanging £30 

Recycled paper heart box: £10 

Go hunt.....

Day Two

Today has been another mental day... but I thought I'd share some of my fair trade jewellery with you.
 It was either all under £10, or given as a present, but none of it (yes I've done a little present stalking) was over £15.

So... here you go.....

Nail Necklace

This was a Birthday present from my mum. It's fairly heavy, and made from polished metal. The little spade like things are loads of nails hammered and smelted into little paddles....

This one was another Christmas present, 

It's made from glass beads, recycled metals and string... Check out

There are a million different websites that sell fairtrade jewellery, and of course check out your local Oxfam, but here are a few of my favourites:

Monday, 27 February 2012

Fair Trade Fortnight - Day one!!

Hi again, 

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted - I've been pretty busy at uni with one thing and another. 
Anyhow ... today is the beginning of Fair trade Fortnight! So - I promise as part of my support, I will post something everyday that helps you support fair trade products, activists and campaigns. 

Day 1

Go to and add your own 'steps'. These are things you've done to support fairtrade, whether that's in the last week or ever. There's a huge collection of different steps people have taken. Have a browse through them and see if any inspire you. 

* Buy a fairtrade product. Whether this is a one off or a regular change, there are a wealth of products available at regular supermarkets, local shops and specialist stores. Oxfam stocks plenty of fairtrade chocolate, especially Divine. 

There is a brochure listing loads of great fairtrade brands available by clicking HERE

By making a change to your weekly shop - say buying Bananas, Coffee, Chocolate or Spices, just look for the logo below and you'll know you're helping make a positive difference to someone's life.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Having preached about the benefits of not buying bottles water on the go, and reusing your plastic bottles, I've found a slightly better looking alternative. 

These bottles have their own filters - the coloured tube in the bottle - which means that you can fill up on the go and have filtered water anywhere. It's perfect for people - like myself - that hate the taste of local tap water, or who would normally prefer filtered or mineral water. 
The filters and available in a range of colours and only need replacing every 2 months or so, or per 150 litres, although guidelines can be found on filter packets. 

So easy - you not only make things cheap for you - think a litre of water from a supermarket is probably around 80p, times 150 is £120!!! By buying one of these bottles and a filter, it'll cost you £15 maximum. As well as being cheaper - it also keeps thousands of plastic bottles out of landfill each year, and reduces the demand for them in the first place. Yay! 

Available here   or here....  or just google 'Bobble water bottle'. 

Filters are available on these sites too - and in House of Fraser, usually priced around £6 each, but you can often get them on offer for 2 for £10 :) 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Famous stars and stripes styles

It seems almost every celebrity has their own charity, has adopted an abandoned child, or  has encouraged you to make huge donations to charity as regularly as they change their designer shoes. Commendable, definitely. Kind, we think so. Possible for us mortals? Probably not. 
    I'm not trying to diminish the good work of certain celebrities who really have helped bring serious problems to our attention, or who have spent years working to battle injustice and poverty (Annie Lennox is a personal favourite of mine). I am, however, pointing out that a lot of the work they do is facilitated by their fame and fortune. Good for them, not so good for us. 

Having just sprained my ankle, and my foot, I am now largely wheely chair bound for the next week... so prepare for lots of blogging! I've been having a hunt for celebrities who have turned their hand to fashion - in a kind way. 

There are several collections around at the moment which are either designed, or contributed to, by celebrities, that are made from sustainable fabrics, support fairtrade, or are environmentally friendly. I've particularly picked up on Emma Watson's range for Peopletree. Launched a year ago this month, the range is aimed mostly at teens and young adults, but as the sizes range from 6 to 14, the styles ought to fit most. Even better news 

So - you may not be able to compete with Angelina, and adopt a poor child, but you can support the communities from which many abandoned children come from, by adopting some of these beauties into your wardrobe. 

Team this with heavy knit tights and boots to bring a dash of spring to the streets, while you brave the current snow and ice!
Kitch. Similar cute scribble tshirts seen in New Look and Junk Food. 

Sailor ahoy! Tomboy style, as seen by Pringle and Hilfiger. 

  P.s.  all these items are currently on sale!!!!!!!  Get on it - Here!