Monday, 27 February 2012

Fair Trade Fortnight - Day one!!

Hi again, 

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted - I've been pretty busy at uni with one thing and another. 
Anyhow ... today is the beginning of Fair trade Fortnight! So - I promise as part of my support, I will post something everyday that helps you support fair trade products, activists and campaigns. 

Day 1

Go to and add your own 'steps'. These are things you've done to support fairtrade, whether that's in the last week or ever. There's a huge collection of different steps people have taken. Have a browse through them and see if any inspire you. 

* Buy a fairtrade product. Whether this is a one off or a regular change, there are a wealth of products available at regular supermarkets, local shops and specialist stores. Oxfam stocks plenty of fairtrade chocolate, especially Divine. 

There is a brochure listing loads of great fairtrade brands available by clicking HERE

By making a change to your weekly shop - say buying Bananas, Coffee, Chocolate or Spices, just look for the logo below and you'll know you're helping make a positive difference to someone's life.

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