As I am

I'm Bex. 
I'm a second year Geography student at Jesus College, Oxford. 
I love music, fashion, sports, friends, Sex and the City, Uganda and cheese. 
More than anything, I want to save the world. Not a big job I know. 
So - my little contribution, for now, is to have this blog, to illustrate the little ways we can all help out each day, to make the world a better place. 
From time to time I may post about my opinions, things I am up to, and how people can get involved themselves, but largely this is a space for ideas, information and fun photos of things that everyone can enjoy. 
This blog is also available through tumblr, if that is more accessible, HERE
There is also a twitter page, if you search @fair_trAID . 

Any suggestions are very welcome,

Muchos love.